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    AttachmentsDirectoryDelete=0 / 1

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        Temp, Attachments



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      When you open a file attachment within a document in Notes Client, several temporary files are created. These files are deleted from the Temp folder after closing the application used to open it or after closing the Notes Client. In some cases, these temporary files are not deleted from the TEMP directory even after exiting the third-party application and Notes Client.

      These temporary files have file names that begin with a tilde(~) and are written to the TEMP directory. Among the temporary files is a copy of the attached file, with the file extension specific to its application and the associated icon. This particular file is the one opened by the third-party application that starts when you double-click the attachment and select Open or Edit.

      When an attachment is launched, Notes creates a temp file for the attachment. Notes attempts to delete the file at shutdown, or when Notes is restarted, until the file is successfully deleted.

      The problem occurs when the file is 'locked' by another application during the deletion attempt. One example for this is opening a spreadsheet attachment using MS Excel. MS Excel will lock the file until the application or Notes Client is closed. The temporary files are deleted from the TEMP folder at this point. However, this does not always happen and the temporary files are left in the TEMP directory.

      Notes 8.5.x and Notes 9.0.x

      Windows 7

      Resolving the problem

      This issue was reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# WHAM7ESERK and has been resolved in 9.0.2.

      Temporary attachment files from the system's temp directory will now deleted when closing or restarting Notes by setting the notes.ini parameter "AttachmentsDirectoryDelete=1"

      1. Delete the files on a regular basis though the operating system. For example, use a batch file or Windows NTs schedule service (other Windows® versions provide similar tools).
      2. Create a local scheduled Notes LotusScript agent to clean the temporary directory on a regular basis.
      3. Close the source application before closing Notes.

      WHAM7ESERK (LO29769) - Fixes issue where temporary attachment files from the system temp directory were not deleted when Notes was closed/restarted. Additionally, an optional new Notes INI variable to delete files from the Notes temporary attachments directory upon Notes close/restart: AttachmentsDirectoryDelete=1 has been provided. This is off by default. (technote 1100416)