We specializes in IBM solutions.

If your solution can't be solved with IBM Domino, we will let you know. We would rather lose work then design a solution with the wrong platform to fit your needs.

We work with all OS platforms

We have design applications that run on Window, Linux, AIX, as/400 (iSeries) and even mobile devices. We currently run our Domino servers on Windows 64 2008, SUSE Enterprise 13 and Cento 6. Which server is best is more dependent on your in-house skills then OS. If you are a small growing company , then look at the Linux based products.

Why the name Kalechi?

Because the meaning of the name Kalechi and our approach to life fit so well: The name of Kalechi has given you a practical, logical, analytical approach to life and a great deal of patience. You enjoy working at anything of a mechanical or technical nature, and believe that what is worth doing is worth doing well. When you are interested in a project, you concentrate all your thoughts on it. This name creates a deliberate and methodical way of thinking and speaking; it takes you little time to learn then once you have mastered a subject, you do not forget it. You are very systematic in all you do.