Kalechi Designs specializes in information exchange and collaboration.

We have decades of experience in the Information Technology industry with a special emphasis in on-line communication, business process automation, and information sharing.

We can provide you with the tools to collaborate with your empoyees and customers. From a single Domino server to large clustered environment, we can design and implement a solution that fits your needs and budget.

Have your email, website, workflow and collaboration tools all in one simple package that lets you interface to Blackberry, iPhone, Windows 8 and Android devices.

The Session on Breadcrumbs from IamLug with the demo database.
Breadcrumbs.zip Breadcrumbs.zip

Original Notes.ini

Wonder what that line in your notes.ini file means? then go here and find out

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We can review your Domino infrastucture and provide you with a plan to improve performance and security. Don't just add another server, utilize what you already have.